Welcome, friends!

Thank you for taking some time to check out my blog! My name is Ahni, and I just married the love of my life in December of 2021!

Something that has been in my heart for some time is to encourage young single women by sharing my story. I had a long season of being single and waiting for my husband. I was 34 years old when I met my Matt on a dating app. We got married eight months after, and the day after our wedding I said goodbye to my home in South Texas and moved to Matt’s town in North Louisiana. 

While I was single, I questioned if I would ever get married. Was there really someone who would chase after me? Me?!  As I continued growing in the Lord, I made a choice that I was not going to survive my single season, as if it were a curse or punishment. I decided to flourish and be the best representation of Christ in EVERY season of my life - including my single season. 

Through this blog, I hope to encourage your walk with Jesus and also share personal lessons and advice on living single, online dating, waiting for marriage, etc. We’ll also have some laughs as I share fun stories like when I introduced my handsome, blue-eyed gringo to my Mexican parents! I’ll also invite Matt to chime in and share his side of our story. I can’t wait for that!

Friends, my life is a testimony that God truly gives us more than what we can ask or imagine. What God has for you is truly worth the wait. I am living that today.

Always cheering you on!